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Tangential Style Die Head Pipe and Bolt Threader


Capacity Diameter: 2-1/2"
Threading Length: 24"
Spindle Speeds: Variable
Bolt Range: 1/2" to 2-1/2"
Pipe Range: 1/4" to 2"
Spindle Speed Range: 25 to 140
Horsepower: 7.5
Carriage Ways: Round
Coolant: Yes

Brand New from Factory
Heavy Duty Construction
Single Spindle
Pillar Type Bedway


pillar type bed, designed for operating convenience, is of smooth and rigid construction. it is equipped with ground and chrome plated pillars for guiding and supporting the carriage. these ways are of heavy cross-section with large bearing surfaces to assure accurate carriage alignment and to minimize wear. guards, attached to the carriages, prevent damage to the ground surfaces of the ways.


single spindle machine is available in various bed lengths to provide travel lengths as per convenience.

Chip Removal Ease:

the bed contains ample chip space and is provided with chip removal from either side of the machine. a wide drip ledge returns any coolant overflow and a large screened opening over the coolant reservoir permits rapid coolant returns.

Headstock Precision Construction:

the headstock is of box construction and of heavy cross section. it is positioned on the machine bed to provide maximum rigidity and permanent alignment with the carriage ways. to assure accuracy
quiet operation and maximum wearing qualities, the headstock gears are hardened and precision shaved alloy steel. in addition all shafts are heat treated alloy steel. the spindle drive is accomplished
through spiral bevel gears. the machine is equipped with d.c. drive for variable speeds as per job requirements.
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